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Give yourself the right nutrition

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Do you find yourself puffy lately? Or weak as you did never before? You may get sad, or demotivated of seeing that ugly, overloaded, slim, dull or whatever person in the mirror.. Or perhaps you dislike just a part of your body (soul), or simply reject the whole physical (spiritual) outer-self. If so, you should certainly do something about it. By the way, who said that what you were looking at was not pretty?

 (this article was originally published on 19.06.2010) ..

Nobody can decide on your personal beauty standards instead of you. But there is more. Not only can you accept what you believe to be resistant to change. You can certainly define your nutrition program. It can be done more or less easily. Combine math equation, time management, self-esteem for satisfying your personal needs, and alternative thinking in case of some ‘food’ intolerance. Even so, when it comes to healing our dissatisfactions, it wouldn’t do without being aware of the main reason for them  .. 

We usually fail in keeping the desired shapes (qualities) because of our emotional vulnerability. Why ‘slim’ is the only shape I like and accept for myself? Why should I accept to be ‘abundant’, which is not what I like? Why should I like what is, so to speak ugly or dull? And finally, why do I consider something that way? 

Because of the compulsory (voluntary) exposure to the media pressure, the beauty boom, the lack of self-loving, and poor knowledge of my basal metabolism? May be.. Maybe what follows could be a good nutrition plan for any healthy person who wants to be even more healthy and beautiful. Check it out ..

  1. Eat 5 smaller portions per day. Restrict sweets the most you can.
  2. What you get in, you have to get out. Not just physically. On the energetic level as well. Your outcome of energy should be the reasonable equivalent of your income. Otherwise the effect will be instable in the long term.
  3. If you can, at least once a year, undergo a few days fast. It will help you ease and clean your digestion system. And it will allow you to create a physical deficit which can be used as the incentive for spiritual search of any kind.
  4. Communicate your feelings every day and everywhere. Above all when you feel stressed. Listen then ask, receive then search, find then give, smile then cry - as much as you can. Exercise the pulse of emotional awareness and health. The pulse of the good ‘digestion’. Also when it comes to food nutrition.
  5. Establish and take care of relationship with your inner child. Recall the memories. Feel and express compassion and love to yourself as a child, as an adolescent, as an adult. You are the compound of all of them. Accept losses, pains, insufficiencies related to specific period. There will be less necessity for you to compensate, over-eat, consume.
  6. Help socially weak people, disabled, or anyone in need, whenever you want, deliberately with no remorse for the past. Giving of what you have can support good in you, and rise perception of your own personal value as the complete human being. With contribution to decreased appetite, decreased feeling of incompletion, or addiction to what you haven’t got.

Nutrition is not what you eat. It is everything you receive and accept. Or devolve :)

Daniel Godány, Remedios o.z.


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